Gaza Solidarity Letter

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8 August 2014

MWNUK Solidarity Letter

Muslim Women's Network UK (MWNUK) stands in solidarity with those in Gaza who have endured four weeks of military assault and the subsequent humanitarian disaster that has resulted in heavy loss of life, injury, displacement, destruction of homes, schools, and hospitals; and the loss of key lifelines such as water, food, and electricity. To date, over 1,900 Palestinians have been killed, many of whom were innocent civilians, including 408 children according to the United Nations[1].

We are a diverse network of women working towards the rights of women and children to equality, justice, freedom from violence and intimidation, education, and respect. The assault on Gaza is an explicit attack on the fundamental human rights of Palestinians in Gaza. We strongly condemn the brutal assaults on their lives and livelihoods, who have already endured decades of conflict; displacement; and economic, food, water, and energy insecurity.

MWNUK calls for a permanent ceasefire and the permanent lifting of the tightened 2007 blockade on Gaza imposed by Israel and Egypt. To deny food, medical supplies, other aid and goods, and the free movement of people in and out of Gaza is fundamentally against universal human rights.

MWNUK also calls for the UK Government to impose an arms
embargo andsanctions on Israel until it abides by international law. We are optimistic that the international community are capable of providing the necessary relief and support in order for infrastructure to recover; for homes to be rebuilt, for electricity and water to be restored fully, for hospitals to be fully operational, and for children to return to school.
Finally, we call on all people of conscience to stand in solidarity with Gaza and to take action. Read our call to action for more information on what you can do. For example, you can protest in London this Saturday 9th August[2] 2014,write letters[3] and sign online petitions[4], and/or join the BDSmovement[5]. Only if we take action can the people of Gaza begin rebuilding their lives soon with restored freedoms as human beings.

In solidarity,

Muslim Women's Network UK

[1] exceeds-400

[2] Dates for upcoming demonstrations in the UK: 9-national-demonstration-for-gaza-no-excuses-be-there#.U-Nu9fldV8H

[3] This page by War on Want has a form to contact your MP, a poster you can print and display, and a way to donate to War on Want's work in
Palestine: action-for-gaza

[4] Amnesty International Petition calling on an arms embargo on Israel:

[5] The Boycott Divestment Sanctions Movement:


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