Strategic Priorities

The trustees and staff review the strategic organisational priorities every 3-5 years. 

After an organisational evaluation in 2017, our three key areas of focus for 2018 - 2023 are:

1) Cultural shift in understanding gender Islam from a human rights perspective

2) Upholding women’s rights by challenging discrimination

3) Building a solidarity movement for gender justice

Activities to help to achieve the above outcomes and advance social justice for Muslim women and girls will include:

a) Providing information (including on rights) by producing resources and holding events

b) Providing a platform to engage with one another and share information

c) Partnering with other organisations to promote gender justice
d) Using helpline data and research to strengthen policy, practice and legislation with a focus on public services (e.g. criminal justice system and health) and civil laws on marriage and divorce.

e) Challenging conscious and unconscious bias within communities and wider society
f) Improving their wellbeing by providing help and counselling through a helpline 

g) Supporting women’s leadership through capacity building


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