Strategic Priorities
In 2023, the trustees and staff reviewed the strategic organisational priorities for the next 5-7 years. The new strategic objectives from 2023-2030 are:

1) Upholding the right of Muslim Women and girls to be and feel safe.

2) Upholding the right of Muslim Women and girls to be and feel included.

3) Building a solidarity movement for Muslim women and girls.

Activities to achieve these three objectives (and therefore improve equality and social justice for Muslim women and girls) will include:

a) Strengthen the Muslim Women's Network Helpline Service and Counselling Service.

b) Educate Muslim women and girls about their rights through campaigning and by developing resources.

c) Challenge and change unjust policies, practices and behaviours through research and advocacy.

d) Increase membership and strengthen member engagement.

e) Develop and diversify partnerships and collaborations to maximise impact.

f) Invest in and capacity build Muslim women and girls.

g) Celebrate achievements of Muslim women and girls.


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