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We have been successful at obtaining a 3 year grant from the Tudor Trust as follows: 
1) £100,000  (2022-2025) to strengthen the member portal (MWN Hub)
2) £100 000 (2015-2018) to support our national helpline and to enable recruitment of additional staff and increase opening hours as well as doing some outreach work in Birmingham. The grant is for the following period: November 2015 to October 2018.
Lloyds Bank Foundation have awarded us the following grants:
1) £50,000 over tow years beginning 2022 for core costs.
2) £15, 000 over 12months for a Helpline Case Worker  in 2018.
We have received an Awards for All Grant, £10,000 as follows:
1) In 2022 - to provide culturally sensitive counselling
2) In 2019,  to employ a part time Case Worker to provide holistic support to our Birmingham based serve users referred from our MWN (national) helpline.  
3) In 2015, 2015 to contribute towards the setting and operation up of our faith and culturally sensitive national helpline primarily aimed at helping Muslim women and girls.  This has since expanded and grown with the support of other funders.
We are thankful for the support of Comic Relief for the following grants: 
1) A grant awarded to us for £120,000.00 over 36 months from February 2019. This grant is co-funded from the Tampon Tax Fund through a partnership between Comic Relief and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 
2) A grant of £30,000 awarded on July 2020 for 9 months to develop a domestic abuse digital tool. 
3) A grant of £84,000 was provided in September 2021 to strengthen our digital capacity. This funding was given by Ministry of Justice via Comic Relief. 
The Rank Foundation  
In December 2019, the Rank Foundation awarded MWNUK a grant of £19, 526 as part of its Time to Shine Programme and provided a further £19,640 in March 2021 for another 12months. This programme enables people with skills, talents and ambition to gain work experience full time for up to 12 months. The post funded is the new role of ‘Online Membership Officer’ to support the development of MWNUK’s new member portal: WeRise ( As part of the programme, the Rank Foundation also offered grantees ‘Action Learning Sets’ to further capacity build its grantees. 

In July 2020, awarded us £15, 764 through its COVID-19 Extraordinary Ministry of Justice Funding for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Services.  This funding was for a 6 month period (April to September 2020) for equipment to support working from home and staffing costs to reflect the more complex demands placed upon our organisation.
In 2020, the HENRY SMITH CHARITY has awarded us a 3 year grant of £88.900 towards three years salary and on costs of a Case Worker, plus running costs of a project supporting Muslim women and girls in the West Midlands. Our organisation was amongst the 20% of applicants applying, to get an award.  Previously Henry Smith Charity awarded us a 3 year grant of £88,250 (in 2014) to contribute towards the setting up and operation of a faith and culturally sensitive national helpline primarily aimed at Muslim women and girls.  This helpline has since grown and expanded with the support of other funders.
In July 2020, we were awarded £4900 contribution towards salary of an Outreach Case Worker and culturally sensitive counselling support for victims of domestic abuse. This was awarded through the COVID-19 Extraordinary Ministry of Justice Funding for Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Support Services. Previously WMPCC has awarded us through the Victim's Fund: £7500 (Dec 2015 to April 2016) and £4000 (Oct 2017 to May 2018) to provide culturally sensitive counselling to women who have suffered from any type of crime whether reported or not such abuse, violence etc. 
Fawcett Society  
We have awarded £48, 210 over a three year period beginning October 2019 by the Fawcett Society who are the lead partner in the 'Equal Power Project' to increase political participation of women through a grant awarded by Comic Relief's 'Power Up' fund.  MWNUK will support increasing participation of BAME women.
We are grateful for GARDEN COURT CHAMBERS supporting us again.  In 2020, we received £2000 for our criminal justice work.  Previously in 2014, they donated £1000 donation, which was used towards producing the report on Muslim Marriage and Divorce in Britain (2016).
Wandsworth CCG  
Thank you WANDSWORTH CCG for providing £10000 in 2018 for delivering mental health training workshops to BAME communities in Wandsworth and to measure the impact of these to inform future thinking. 
We are really pleased to announce that for the first time since our existence that a main Muslim charity will be providing funding towards our work. They will be contributing £10, 000 for the national Muslim Women's Network Helpline Project. They will also be ring fencing an additional £3, 000 for a hardship fund for clients that are destitute and experiencing financial hardship.  Clients will be referred directly to Muslim Hands so women can be provided with emergency support. This one year grant starts on 1st April 2018.
After being awarded an Awards for All grant in 2015 to test the idea of a national helpline aimed primarily and Muslim women and girls, we used the evaluation of the helpline to secure a grant through Reaching Communities to support the national helpline. The grant which started in 1st October 2017 is a five year grant for £498, 286.
Through our helpline work we found that Muslim women faced negative experiences when having to deal with the criminal justice system either victims or offenders. We therefore made an application to the Barrow Cadbury Trust to find out about these experiences and also to provide additional support to these helpline clients. The project will also involve reviewing previous helpline cases and to produce a report with findings and recommendations that can be disseminated to professionals working in the criminal justice system and those deciding policies and practices. We have been awarded a two year grant for £45, 500. The grant starts 1st March 2018.
We would like thank THE JOSEPH ROWNTREE CHARITABLE TRUST for supporting us since 2007 and for their continuous belief and support in our work.  We are grateful for the new 3 year grant that began in April 2018 for £120,000 for core costs.
The foundation has awarded us a two year grant of £60,000 to employ two outreach workers one based in the Birmingham Office and the other based in Lancashire.  They will be disseminating our activist packs containing our information booklets and campaigns videos on different issues to women and third sector groups who can cascade the information further via coffee mornings, meetings and seminars etc. 
The foundation has kindly awarded us £4000 (for 2017) to go towards our culturally sensitive counselling service which compliments our national helpline service. The grant will help vulnerable women, who have suffered abuse, to receive counselling. The counselling will help women to deal with trauma and give them the confidence to rebuild their lives.
We are extremely grateful to WMAWP for choosing Muslim Women's Network UK for their chosen charity for 2017. They raised £514 for us at their annual dinner in February 2017. This will go towards helping women and girls! Thank you for your support!
As part of the Chancellor's March 2016 budget, £12m generated from the tampon tax was put towards a range of women's charities. MWNUK made an application for these funds in February 2016. We were fortunate to be one of the organisations selected for a grant. We have been awarded £113 973 over two years 2016-18 to expand the hours of our national MWN Helpline Service so we also operate in the afternoons Mon-Fri (in addition to the mornings).
Arcus Foundation has awarded us a one year grant (Jan to Dec 2016) of $66000 to work in partnership with Inclusive Mosque Initiative (IMI). The grant will help strengthen IMI's organisational capacity and help them rent a UK mosque space for one year that operates on inclusive Islamic values  e.g. champions gender justice, recognises the diversity of Muslims by ensuring LGBT inclusion, the importance of disabled access, multi-denominational and welcoming non-traditional families. We are pleased that the Arcus Foundation has recognised this important area of
work. A further grant of $150 000 was awarded to continue the work at IMI from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2019.
We are grateful for the in kind support provided to us through the government's 'Building A Stronger Britain Together' programme. Through this partnership we receive capacity building support across a number of different areas including social media training, communications strategy and campaign development. 
The FCO awarded us £15 000 through their Domestic Programme Fund for continuing to raise awareness of the illegality of forced marriage, its impact and the support available. This will involve working with faith leaders, producing an Urdu resources and resources for young people to challenge forced marriage.  The award is for Sept 2015 to March 2016. Thank you FCO!
FORWARD chose us as their partner to deliver FGM awareness raising workshops in Birmingham schools aimed at teachers and pupils. The funding has come from the Department of Education.  We have been awarded £18745 for 2015-2016.

In 2015, the DEPARTMENT OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT & COMMUNITIES have given us  £14910 to produce resources and deliver 5 forced marriage community events to raise awareness of this issue. So thank you for supporting our work! Previous support from DCLG has included funding in 2008 (Gender 5 day course) and 2009 / 10 (core costs for capacity building).
After donating £1000 towards the produced of a video on CSE (Jasmin's Story) in 2014, WEST MIDLANDS POLICE had faith in us to produced further resources.  They donated £13000 in 2015 to produce awareness raising videos on male attitudes and CSE and on FGM.  The donation will also fund an awareness raising pamphlet and event.  So a big thank you to WMP!
We are grateful that the BARROW CADBURY TRUST has recognised the importance of our report Unheard Voices: Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women.  They have awarded £13800 to hold awareness raising events and produce resources in 2014-2015.
We appreciate the grant from the charitable fund, ROSA.  They awarded us £5000 for 2014-2015 to carry out research in Birmingham on female genital mutilation to better understand the local context so it can influence local policy.  Thank you ROSA for believing that we can also contribute to this issue.

One Muslim female supporter of Muslim Women's Network UK, has been very generous and has very kindly donated £2000 in Ramadan 2013 for a specific project dedicated to our former Chair Cassandra Balchin who lost her battle to cancer and passed away in July 2012.  Cassandra was particularly an expert in family laws, marriage, divorce, and parallel legal systems /plural legal orders.  Before Cassandra passed away, she wanted to produce an advice booklet to help Muslim women to navigate through the often complex process of obtaining a Muslim divorce and for them to know their rights as often women were unaware and suffered needlessly.  However, she was unable to complete this project.

Our donor will wants us to use the donation to realise Cassandra's dream and produce an 'Information and Advice on Divorce for Muslim Women in Britain' booklet.  This publication will be produced in late 2013.  So a BIG THANK YOU!
We would like thank Mohammed Nadeem of Nadeem Properties and Nadeem Plaza in Luton for supporting us with a donation of £500 during Ramadan 2013.  It is fantastic that a Muslim businessman has recognised the importance of women's empowerment and is supporting women's rights.  We are currently trying to fund raise for a national helpline aimed at Muslim women and girls - so we plan to put this donation towards that.
A big thank you to Sir Gulam Noon and his Noon Foundation for his donations!  He donated £250 in Ramadan 2013.  This contribution will go towards funds we are currently raising for a national helpline.

He also sent us £500 in November 2011.  We used this donation towards printing and designing our 'Information and Advice on Muslim Marriages in Britain' booklet, which was launched at our Annual General Meeting at the House of Lords in January 2012.  This booklet has been very popular and has been downloaded hundreds of times and all the printed copies have been taken and we will now be looking to reprint these.  We appreciate the support from Noon Foundation - for this project. They have helped more Muslim women to become aware of their legal rights.
Ghayasuddin is a champion of women's rights and works tirelessly on raising awareness of issues that impact on the lives of women and girls.  He was key in developing the Muslim marriage contract.  Thank you Ghayasuddin for helping to empower Muslim women and thank you for your donation of £350 towards reprinting our 'Information and Advice on Muslim Marriages in Britain' booklet.
BIRMINGHAM CITY COUNCIL awarded a grant of £21100 (2009-2010) to produce resources to promote Muslim female role models to raise aspirations.  The resources includes 3 exhibitions, 2 roller banners, posters and booklets. We appreciate the support and the resources continue to be used.


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