Green Scarf Campaign - Supporting Afgan Women

1000 photos were collected through a photo petition of men and women from all cultures and faiths wearing a green scarf to show their solidarity with Afghan women. Green scarves are a symbol of the AfghaN Women's Network, a leading women's organisation, whose members wear green scarves as a show of strength and unity.

The petition was presented to the British Foreign Secretary William Hague before the December 2011 Bonn Conference where world leaders met to set the future course for Afghanistan.  The campaign called for ensuring women's rights were guaranteed in any political settlements and not forgotten.

The campaign was supported by 17 aid and women's rights organisation, including Oxfam, CARE, Women for Women International and Muslim Women's Network UK.  The Green Scarf campaign was also backed by celebrities including Annie Lenox, Helen Mirren, Alesha Dixon, Shazia Mirza as well as Pakistani pop star Hadiqa Kiani and Middle East chat show host Nashwa Al Ruwaini.  Renowned Muslim's scholar Amina Wadud also endorsed the campaign.


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