MWN Counselling Service Evaluation

Muslim Women's Network UK set up a pilot culturally sensitive service for 5 months (Dec 2015 to April 2016). This was funded by the West Midlands Police Crime Commisioner.  This service has been evaluated independently.  Some key findings included:

  • 49 clients were referred to the service and 37 clients attended counselling sessions (36 women and 1 man)
  • 269 free hours of counselling were provided but 29 sessions of these could not be delivered due to non attendance
  • Of the counselling sessions delivered, this amounted to 6.4 sessions per client
  • 91% of the clients felt that a faith and culturally service was important to them
  • 86% of the clients were of Muslim backgrounds
  • 69% of clients had not had counselling previously
  • 62% of clients were of Pakistani background
  • 76% of clients were unemployed or on benefits
  • Most referrals were from the MWN Helpline (45%) and third sector organisations (45%)
  • Majority of the sessions (78%) were delivered in English but 11% were in Urdu and 11% in Punjabi / Mirpuri
  • Most clients were in their 20s and 30s

The report can be downloaded above.

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