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MWNUK Member
For me as a feminist Muslim woman, I didn't realise that there could be an organisation framed in that way. I was personally drawn to them, they represented a group which was even marginalised within the women's sector. You get some Muslim organisations who toe the current party line and are not really pushing, or I feel are not really speaking from a very authentic place, but from the way they work it is very much about doing the research, speaking to individual Muslim women and giving a platform for that rather than give their own views and opinions. They have made a space for me to step into. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
Partner Organisation
They provide Qu'ranic interpretations which are liberating for women. I think that's incredibly important given the whole way in which Islam is being stereotyped at the moment. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
Faith Leader
They empower women within a feminist agenda and are challenging norms and concepts within the Muslim community as insiders to that community. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
Civil Servant
They will happily bring things to the fore and confront them head on, they are very, very brave and not afraid to challenge. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
MWNUK Member
MWNUK have been good at putting us in contact with other funders. That's another thing about their transparency. Obviously there's lots of elbowing in this work where organisations are vying for the same funding pot and are keeping their sources of funding under wraps and not encourage other organisations.  But MWN put us in touch with other funders and initiated relationships for us. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
Yvonne Mosquito (Deputy Police Crime Commissioner - West Midlands Police)
To the wonderful women of the MWNUK, who have so ably articulated and marked out the concerns of muslim women in our region to people who are in positions of responsibility - well done. Importantly I want you to know that those people listen to you because they have to. You are powerful, your voices are powerful because you are credible and independent and you make a difference. Please carry on the good work, because when you as women prosper all women regardless of their faith or political persuasion prosper.

Your Sister Yvonne.
Following AGM 2015:
"Excellent work Faeeza, Shahin & Shaista. Muslim women are blessed to have such amazing women helping us all. Much love & duaas always. May MWNUK continue to flourish and may you be showered with Allah's Blessings" 
Helen (Halimah)

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful newsletters. I am a 67 year old grandmother. I am white English with two degrees and the only Muslim in my family and amongst my friends in West Sussex. As a bit of a 'go between' between Muslims and non Muslims I always find your newsletters and the topics covered very helpful and useful.  Keep it up ladies.

St Alban's Acedemy-Birmingham
"On behalf of the Staff at St Alban's Academy , I would like to thank you for the  facilitating and delivery of the FGM Training last week. The topic of FGM is challenging on all levels , however you managed to deliver the session with clarity and sensitivity to all involved...."
Stephen Rimmer (Birmingham Council)
You were brilliant today, genuinely inspirational from my, and I think lots of other people's, perspective. I don't think it could have gone much better, and we have got a lot of collective energy now to tap into to take this forward effectively. Thank you for all your leadership and your support, and my appreciation to all of your colleagues on the Network too.  (CSE Event held in partnership with Birmingham City Council)

Director of Creative Optimistic Visions CIC
I was very touched by the words of Shaista Gohir, I admired her determination creating her report around the sexual exploitation of Asian women, and how she tackled the stereotypes of victims and offenders. Shaista came across passionate, determined and a very strong woman. This gave me such joy to know that we have women like her fighting for the safety of young women. I give Shaista so much credit for tackling upsetting communities and issues of racism in order to keep women safe. As this is what is important, it’s not about being racist or wanting to upset community groups etc., the facts are what they are and all women are at risk despite their ethnicity as well as men from all different cultures and backgrounds commit this crime.
Mr. Wilson
I heard about your work while listening to your Chair's interview on Radio 2 (Jeremy Vine). I was very impressed to hear that an organisation like your's exists and I found your Chair's objective, rational arguments very compelling. I am the father of 2 daughters and I have always strived to make sure their gender is absolutely no impediment to any aspect of their lives. I believe your organisation espouses similar objectives. I hate to think that girls, through faith, culture or tradition, are restricted from fulfilling their potential.

With best wishes for the success of MWNUK.
Robin Hulme (Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman)
Many thanks for arranging and delivering yesterday’s group, Roger, Rowena and myself were really pleased with how it went.
Helen Line (Babington Community College - Leicester)
Just a little note to say thank you for your time and the presentation / discussions you had with our students.  They were ‘buzzing’ about the event that afternoon and the following day.  I’ve even had a discussion about it this morning with a young lady who came up to say thank you. They really appreciated your time and effort.
Baroness Haleh Afshar
Well done Everyone! The Network is doing  fantastic work that makes all of us  very proud to be members. A special thank you for the many wonderful women whose work has been recognised, you set an excellent example for us all.
Yasmin Ghrawi
On behalf of Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) , I would like to thank you again for partaking in our tweet-a-thon and helping us raise awareness about the brutality of stoning.
(In response to our participation in the Global Campaign to Ending Stoning in June 2013)
Alyas karmani, Co-Director of Street UK
I really enjoyed being at the event and engaging with your members many of whom are doing a great job.
(After 2013 Annual General Meeting)
Solma Ahmed, DCLG
I thoroughly enjoyed the AGM and found discussion and presentations very informative.  It has been a while since being in touch with the issues you discussed and challenged.   When I went back to my office today I checked to see whether you were on DCLG contact list for faith issues.  I was pleased to see the name of MWNUK.
(In response to the 2013 Annual General Meeting)
Mike Hopkins, Principal, South Birmingham College
I have received your poster pack and these are being used within the college.
Clare Mullin, Parliamentary Outreach
The Muslim Women's Network UK were excellent at promoting the session to a wide and varied audience, ensuring the best attendance for the Introduction to Parliament Session.  Prior planning meant that the content of the session fit the requirements of the audience.  Thank you, very positive to work with.
Workers Education Association, Sheffield
Just to say a BIG THANK YOU. The event was successful, well received and well attended. 
(MWNUK participated by speaking and helping run a workshop at the Hard Times conference aimed at all women affected by the austerity measures).
The Aga khan University
Many thanks for your participation in last week's workshop here at the AKU-ISMC.  We greatly valued and enjoyed your contribution.
(MWNUK participated in the seminar: The Politics of Negotiation - Muslim subjectivities in Western contexts).
Shirley Maginley, NSPCC
We would like to thank you for your huge contribution to the Improving the Safeguarding of Muslim Children: Looking Beyond Difference conference 2011.  Your presentation provided a great opportunity for our delegates to gain knowledge and further understanding into this challenging subject.  Your presentation was a significant contribution to the conference's success, and it is very clear from the delegate evaluations that they appreciated listening to your experience, which will help them in their role.  Thank you once again and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

Amina - The Muslim Women's Resource Centre
The display was wonderful.  Thank you very much, it was great to have it at the event.
(The MWNUK Muslim Women in History was loaned to the Resource Centre).
Nottingham University Islamic Society
Thank you! jazakallahkhair for lending us the exhibitions, they were really great.
(MWNUK loaned Muslim female role model exhibitions to the students).
Dr. Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick
Just a note to say thank you very much for making last week's conference in Birmingham such a success.  It was a privilege to have your expertise, professional insights and also your convivial company. 
(Women from Muslim communities and their engagement in politics seminar - Sept 2010)
Yasmin, Yorkshire.
Alhamdu lillah, I am so pleased your website was recommended to me.  I have found it so informative and the solution to lots of things I was seeking. 
Steve, Dudley
Thank you so much for joining us last year for the Women of Faith Conference in Worcester which we're keen to follow up on. We'd love for you to be more involved.
Selma, Wales
Thank you very much for your help and input in to my radio programme.
S Khan, Birmingham
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the fantastic day you gave to us and our pupils yesterday. 
Sara, Scotland
I am so grateful for the time taken to help me.  If there is anything I can do for you, just ask.
Leyla, Bradford
Thank you so much for your swift response. I would be delighted to assist in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have anything that you think I could help with.
Anita, London
I think you made some really good, strong and well-measured points (in the article on the face veil)
Sajjad, West Midlands
I was at the role models event. I found your approach interesting and powerful.  Your stories were catching. I am a male Muslim by the way.
Ms Azad
Thanks alot for your quick and detailed response on the nikah and marriage contract, i really appreciate it.
C Roth, University of Keele
Thanks very much for this information. I will follow it up.
Dr. Syed, University of Kent
Just a quick email to appreciate your website.
S. Al-Hashemi

Many thanks for your prompt response and help. Your organisation is a brilliant resource, I look forward to getting involved somehow.  God bless you all.

Metropolitan Police
A massive thank you for taking the time to come and speak at the International Women\'s Day event on the 18th March 2011.  We had some very positive feedback from the women.

Funder of MWNUK
They bring issues to the fore and confront them head on. I have seen them do that with organisations both locally and nationally which they perceive as not treating Muslim women equally. (From MWNUK's Organisational Evaluation 2017)
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