Ayesha Raja

Ayesha Raja

Helpline Support Worker
I am grateful to be given a chance to work as a Helpline Support Worker for Muslim Women's' Network. I am passionate about going to University to study English Literature and/or Language. My interests include: reading, painting/drawing, volunteering and giving back to my community, particularly when it comes to tough topics like domestic violence. I have a budding interest in baking, I hope to travel in future, and I like learning about cats.

 I chose to work for MWNUK because I love and respect all that they do in helping vulnerable women/girls from the South Asian community, who feel helpless to domestic violence and any other subjects relating to it, such as forced marriage and mental health. Domestic violence is a subject that is near and dear to me as I have grown up seeing a lot of it in my early life.

I would love to eventually become an English teacher or lecturer and be there for anyone, especially from a South Asian background who has been/felt discouraged from pursuing the subject despite their interest in it, and to challenge existing cultural stereotypes about sticking to STEM subjects only.

Success to me, means setting yourself a personal and meaningful goal, and striving to achieve it.


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