Escalation of Violence against Women and Girls Inquiry (Women and Equalities Committee)

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September 2023
MWNUK  responded to the  call for evidence from the Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into the escalation of violence. The inquiry  looked at perpetrator interventions in a criminal justice setting. The inquiry also  looked at the ‘pyramid of offences’ that perpetrators may rise through, leading from offences such as flashing and revenge porn up to the most serious violent crimes. Some of the recommendations made by MWNUK include:
Improve identification of stalking and harassment
Ensure victims are protected at an early stage and law enforcement tools are used (such as restraining orders) and breaches are dealt with via prompt action
Public institutions need a rapid and measurable culture change in ensuring women’s safety at work and not allowing male  perpetrators to use the power and privilege of the institution they work for to as shield to get away with harmful abusive behaviour.   


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