Intimate Image Abuse Consultation Response (Law Commission)

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June 2021
In May 2021 Muslim Women's Network UK submitted written evidence to the Law Commission's Consultation Paper on Intimate Image Abuse, having previously attended two roundtable meetings with the Law Commission and other stakeholders to provide our thoughts and opinions on issues and to help shape the provisional proposals.  

In our evidence, we have welcomed the proposals but asked that the definition of 'intimate images' is broad enough so as to be able to take into account the cultural factors which may be involved as what is deemed 'intimate' may vary from victim to victim and community to community. Given the very serious risks of forced marriage and honour based abuse which could be involved, it is important to take into account the intersectional experiences of victims so that they can truly be helped and protected.

We have also made the following key points: 
  • That there is always an element of harm to mental health involved in cases where intimate images have been created without consent and therefore just because someone may not then share or threaten to share these images, does not mean that harm has not been caused.
  • That we support the creation of an additional offence where the intent is to make a gain, because this is a very real issue that is exploited in particular by grooming gangs.
  • That prosecution should not be required to prove that the victim did not consent
  • That victims of intimate image abuse should have automatic lifetime anonymity, highlighting the very devastating impact it can have on Muslim women and girls where their abuse becomes known (such as ostracisation and marital breakdown)
  • That Sexual Harm Prevention Orders be made available for all of the proposed intimate image offences 

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