Commission on Gender Stereotypes from Childhood (Fawcett Society))

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July 2019
Fawcett Society launched the Commission on Gender Stereotypes in Early Childhood, to address the gender stereotypes affecting children across communities. Muslim Women's Network UK (MWNUK) contributed with our views on the issues which affect children from minority communities, in particular Muslim, BAME children. Some of the issues we raised that we feel are contributing towards the continued promotion of gender stereotypes hindering the rights and choices exercised by children included the impact of seeing these following from childhood:
  • Wanting boys even before birth of the child including celebrating the birth of boys more favourably
  • Parental expectations of women girls expected to be homemakers thus limiting their career choices / subjects studied
  • Greater surveillance of girls including not being able to move to another city to study
  • While growing up girls expected to do household chores being segregated at events etc
  • Reinforcing gender stereotypes through exposure of views whether by elders, BAME media or even through faith based teachings (due to patriarchal interpretations) etc
The full response can be downloaded above.

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