Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse Consultation (MoJ)

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May 2018
Domestic abuse impacts on victims' everyday lives and can have devastating consequences. The Ministry of Justice wants to find out how best to support all of those affected.  The government consultation therefore sought views on what steps the government should take to raise awareness, support victims, and ensure perpetrators are stopped.

We took into consideration experiences of victims of abuse who contact our national Muslim Women's Network Helpline and responded to the consultation via an online questionnaire. However, we have summarised our responses in the report that can be downloaded above.

Some of our key recommendations included:
  • Including spiritual abuse as part of the domestic abuse / coercive control definition
  • Aggravating factors that should be used to increase sentences such as controlling victim though use of spiritual abuse, taking spouse / children abroad and abandoning there after taking away travel documents, threatening to abduct and take children abroad, deliberately not applying for indefinite leave to remain for women who arrive on spousal visas
  • Not limiting financial support for domestic abuse victims who have arrived in the UK on a spousal visa but extending criteria to all victims of domestic abuse who have an insecure immigration status
  • Domestic abuse awareness raising campaigns within BAME communities
  • Funding for speciliast services such as helplines and counselling services catering to the needs of BAME women

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