Shariah Council Inquiry (Home Affairs Select Committee)

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November 2016
In June 2016, the Home Affairs Committee launched an inquiry into Sharia councils operating in the UK to examine how Sharia councils operate in practice, their work resolving family and divorce disputes and their relationship with the British legal system.

Chair Shaista Gohir OBE, gave evidence to the inquiry on 1st November 2016.  We also submitted a formal written report, which can be downloaded above. The report covers:
  • Why Muslim women use Shariah Councils and the negative impact of abolishing them on Muslim women
  • The discrimination that takes place when Muslim women try to access shariah divorce services
  • The relationship between Shariah Council and the British legal system
  • The role the government can play to tackle the discrimination faced by Muslim women when accessing shariah divorce services
  • Refutations to misinformation promoted by some activists
  • Solutions to hold Shariah Councils accountable and strengthening of civil law

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