Employment opportunities for Muslims in the UK inquiry (Women and Equalities Committee)

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February 2016
The Parliamentary Women and Equalities Committee held an Inquiry looking into barriers to employment that exist for Muslims considering Muslims face some of the lowest employment rates and lowest rates of pay of any group. They are also underrepresented in managerial and professional roles. This inquiry also considered at the prevalence of discrimination against Muslims in the workplace. The deadline for submissions was February 2016.  Muslim Women's Network UK responded to this inquiry via a written report that can be downloaded here and by giving oral evidence to the committee on 19th April 2016.

Some of the key points we made included:

- discrimination of Muslim women in employment due to stereotypes portrayed in the media

- discrimination being a barrier in recruitment and accessing training

- discrimination laws not being used due to time limits, expense of litigation, the fear of repercussions including alienation and unemployment

- difficulty in proving indirect discrimination

- need for mentoring schemes for Muslim women

- lack of understanding of the Equality Act by Employers and Muslims themselves


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