FGM Inquiry (Home Affairs Committee)

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February 2014
February 2012

Female genital mutilation
became a criminal offence 28 years ago.  However, there has not yet been a successful prosecution in the UK. The Government Home Affairs Committee therefore held an inquiry into female genital mutilation (FGM).  Muslim Women's Network UK responded to this inquiry with a written submission, which was submitted by 12th February 2014 and can be downloaded here.

This inquiry set out to find out the following:

  • How effective is the existing legislative framework on FGM, and what are the barriers to achieving a successful prosecution in the UK?
  • Which groups in the UK are most at risk of FGM (whether in this country or abroad), and what are the barriers to identification and intervention?
  • What are the respective roles of the police, health, education and social care professionals, and the third sector; and how can multi-agency co-operation be improved?
  • How can the systems for collecting and sharing information on FGM be improved?

  • How effective are existing efforts to raise awareness of FGM?

  • How can the available support and services be improved for women and girls in the UK who have suffered FGM?

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