Muslim Women Condemn London Attack - It was an attack on all of us

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23 May 2013


Muslim Women Condemn London Attack - It was an attack on all of us

Muslim Women's Network UK strongly condemns the attack that took place in Woolwich where a soldier lost his life.  We convey our condolences to the family of the victim, our thoughts are with them during this very difficult time.

Shaista Gohir, Chair of Muslim Women’s Network UK, said: "This attack was an attack on all of us including on Muslim communities in Britain. There will be opportunists both individual and groups who will manipulate this incident to fuel tensions and incite religious hatred towards Muslims, the majority of whom are law abiding citizens and who are equally appalled and horrified about what took place. It is important that we do not let a minority of extremists, whether it is those attackers or right wing groups, to divide us.  We must remain united and continue building a cohesive society.  We must remember that Muslim men and women also serve in our armed forces.  I am proud that Britain is one of the most cohesive societies in the world so lets all work together to keep it that way."

She added: "I also commend the incredible bravery of the woman, Ingrid Loyau Kennet, who actually confronted the attacker while he was still brandishing a knife.  Despite being in danger, she was more concerned about the safety of others and tried to talk the attacker down.   This shows the important role women, in all communities, can play in challenging and tackling extremism."

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