Launch of Muslim Heritage Month to help combat Islamophobia

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15th March 2024


Launch of Muslim Heritage Month to help combat Islamophobia

March 2024 marks the inauguration of Muslim Heritage Month. Muslim Heritage Month has been launched to help combat the concerning escalation of Islamophobia / anti-Muslim prejudice. The International Day to Combat Islamophobia adopted by the UN, which falls on 15th March, was chosen to officially launch the initiative, (which has been created by the Muslim Women’s Network UK).

The purpose of Muslim Heritage Month is to establish an annual tradition of celebrating and recognising the contributions and cultural richness of Muslims in Britain. The initiative which involves positive story telling and seeks to challenge negative stereotypes, foster improved understanding, and cultivate greater empathy and inclusion towards Muslim communities within the broader society.

The website serves as a centralised repository of information, bringing together a wealth of fantastic resources spanning the history of Muslims from the past to the present, particularly about Muslim history in Britain. The aim is to facilitate easier access to this significant wealth of knowledge, showcasing the efforts of individuals and organisations dedicated to shedding light on Muslim heritage.

Baroness Shaista Gohir OBE, CEO of Muslim Women’s Network UK, who conceived the idea for the UK, said: “The success of Muslim Heritage Month cannot be achieved single-handedly. It requires the collective efforts of mainstream organisations spanning various sectors, Muslim staff networks, Equality Diversity and Inclusion Leads, individuals of diverse faiths, and Muslim organisations alike. Active participation from all these stakeholders is essential to build momentum.”

March 2024 has only involved a soft launch to signify the project's arrival. The next objective is to concentrate on gaining momentum leading up to March 2025 by recruiting as many partners as possible. With increased participation from individuals and organisations, Muslim Heritage Month holds the promise of making a substantial and lasting impact.

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· Muslim Heritage Month is an initiative launched by Muslim Women’s Network UK

· Muslim Heritage Month website:

· Media enquiries can be directed to: or 0121 2369000


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