MWNUK Remembers 7/7

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7 July 2015


MWNUK Remembers 7/7 Attacks

With a maximum of 10 days of Ramadan remaining, the Muslim Women's Network UK reflects on the 10th anniversary of the 7th July attacks. We remember the 52 victims, including several Muslims, the survivors, and their families and friends. We send our warmest prayers and thoughts to you all today.

7/7 was a day that shook our country's sense of safety and aggravated the divisions which exist in society. The tragic event has since been exploited by the far-right and xenophobic factions in our society, both Muslim and not. And sadly there has been a continuation of such terror by a minority of Muslims around the world, determined to divide through hate. MWNUK unequivocally reject these fanatical extremists and reaffirm that they do not represent Islam or us. As advocates of human rights and democracy, we too are deeply concerned by the radicalisation of our citizens. And are united in the fight against such destructive ideologies.

Beyond such attacks, we have seen the growth of Islamophobia, and 'Muslimophobia', where everyday Muslims in Britain are increasingly becoming the target of anti-Muslim crimes and face discrimination in retribution for terrorist attacks around the world.

Through our work and through calls received on the Muslim Women's Network Helpline we know that religious intolerance, Islamophobia and discrimination are huge issue that must be tackled across the UK. MWNUK's event on the 31st July 2015 is one of many efforts to do so.

MWNUK Executive Director, Faeeza Vaid says: "Today is a reminder that we have a bigger fight on our hands; not just protecting our country from security threats, but protecting British society from disintegrating into a society which breeds intolerance and hate for all 'others'."

Everyone remembers where we were when we heard the news of the attack on our capital city, and also recall the outpouring of generosity and compassion as many people rushed to be of assistance to one another. In these moments of grave need, the best qualities of humanity were also present. This anniversary provides an opportunity to remember the tragedy as well as the humanity. And to ensure that going forward it is humanity that prevails.

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