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IS is Not Islamic - UK Muslim Women Condemn IS
22 August 2014

IS is Not Islamic - UK Muslim Women Condemn IS

The Muslim Women's Network UK (MWN-UK) strongly condemn the inhumane killing of American journalist James Foley. This abhorrent and cowardly crime carried out in the name of Islam brought our attention further to the horrific acts of IS. We explicitly reiterate the sentiment of many Muslims around the world, that ISIS is NOT Islamic and their actions are certainly not representative of adherents to the faith.

The Qur'anic teachings that guide this majority warn about the sanctity of life 'that to take one life is as though you have taken the life of all of humanity (Quran 5:32)' and that  'there is no compulsion in religion (Quran 2:256)'. It further outlines fair principles and guidelines for the treatment of prisoners taken during battles or wars. Kidnapping and killing wantonly is simply unacceptable.

It is evident that the fundamental requirements of humanity and justice are disregarded by the actions of IS. Their mission ultimately is to instil fear and terror into the hearts of people around the world and to divide even those who would ordinarily stand in solidarity.

Mussurut Zia, Board Director of MWNUK comments: "We urge all our members, friends and communities to stand united against the depraved and warped intentions of IS and not let IS achieve their goals. We urge you to not allow their evil messages to penetrate the unity of the compassionate, understanding and just peoples that make up our communities and countries. And we urge you to protect those who may be drawn into this evil through appropriate support."

The Media must not give ISIS additional exposure to spread their evil and distorted messages. Social Media platforms should not tolerate being misused as weapons to arm their fight. And all countries must stand publicly in defiance against them.

Young British Muslims, especially males, are amongst those specifically targeted and it is imperative we work with agencies, faith organisations and communities to protect young people from such recruitment through conveying the correct religious guidance, provision of appropriate support and community education.

Finally as mothers, sisters and daughters; MWNUK offer our sincere condolences to the families of all those victims who have suffered at the hands of ISIS.

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