Oct 2014 to March 2015
In 2013, MWNUK launched the groundbreaking report, Unheard Voices: Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women. Six awareness raising events were held in different cities to disseminate the findings so that front line agencies and communities can better protect and also prevent victims of child sexual exploitation.
In memory of the late Cassandra Balchin, Muslim Women’s Network UK are pleased to announce that we will be creating an anthology due for publication in 2014. Our aim is to show a complete picture of the real lives of Muslim women and the wider community. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly and thus whilst we seek for example, submissions on the issue of forced marriage, we similarly welcome submissions on the topic of arranged marriages so as to show a distinction between the two. We would like female genital mutilation discussed along with all the other forms of violence against women. We want the economic inequality of women addressed together with barriers such as racism. There is no limit to the amount of topics, or to the level of creativity that can be displayed by an individual.
14th February 2013
Muslim women are RISING to end VIOLENCE as a part of the global ONE BILLION RISING movement, which will be marked on the 14th February 2013. Muslim Women’s Network UK has therefore launched a campaign to encourage more mosques to get involved in tackling violence. We have sent a postcard to 100 mosques across the UK to request they pledge an action to combat violence.
25th Nov - 10th Dec 2012
The campaign was launched on Facebook to mark ‘Elimination of Violence Against Women Day’ and the 16 days of activism, MWNUK ran a Facebook campaign on 25 November 2012 – 10 December 2012.
October 2011
A coalition of organisations including the Muslim Women's Network UK supported a campaign calling on world leaders to keep their promises to Afghan women.

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