The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Muslim Women was launched virtually on the 20th October 2020.  
The event was held virtually and can be viewed here.

Officers Elected
Naz Shah MP (Labour) - Co-Chair
Caroline Nokes MP (Conservatives) - Co-Chair
Jess Phillips MP (Labour) - Vice Chair
Nus Ghani MP (Conservatives)
Baroness Hussein-Ece (Liberal Democrats) - Officer
Afzal Khan MP (Labour) - Officer
Apsana Begum (Labour) - Officer

Secretariat appointed: Muslim Women's Network UK 

Purpose of APPG
To support social justice and equality for Muslim women and transform their lives by debating, scrutinising, investigating and raising awareness of issues affecting them to influence practice, policy, legislation and attitudes.

First Research Inquiry 
Muslim Womens Experience of Maternity Care

Contact Details
0121 236 9000

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