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My Story
My name is....Khalida
Date : 25/ 12/ 2010
By :

My Name is Khalida......

 I am a Pakistani born British bred individual who came over to England in 1963 at the age of FOUR years. My mother tongue is Mirpuri which was perfected when I returned to Pakistan at the age of sixteen; but saying this I read, write and speak   English  fluently, so you can say that is more of a mother tongue for me.

My family background is that of intellectual highly educated military individuals. My own father, may Allah Jee bless his soul as he departed from this life thirteen years ago was my role model. He was a doctor. His main love in life was to educate his children. He admired and respected educated people and strongly believed that education was the master key to a successful life.

I was educated up to CSE level, then taken to Pakistan where after a two year stay I got married to my now departed husband, may he rest in the mercy of Allah Jee .I was eighteen at the time, very naive British bred teenager taken from one totally kind of upbringing into another.  This new phase of life was to show me a kind of life I had not even dreamed of. My dear dear husband was my `backbone` thoughout my twenty nine years that I lived with him ,with his love and support I shone in my role as wife mother and most importantly daughter-in-law .

Going back to my education I retook my English gcse examination in spoken and literature and passed  with a straight `A.` I always dreamt of being a successful executive type of woman.  I am a perfectionist, love being punctual, try never to make the same mistake, and I have always lived my life in a very respectable God fearing manner.

My religion has played a big role in my life, I believe in the fact that we are being watched from above and that every action is accountable for, I do and will answer to the Almighty . This knowledge has always made me fearful of wrong doing.  I have a passion to make everyone happy, to bring on a smile and to help.                 
I am a proud mother of nine children, seven daughters, two sons, and six grandchildren; but saying that i now have eight children as my younger son passed away three years ago at the age of twenty .May God bless his soul for he was a blessed child.
My life changed instantly and dramatically once again after my husband’s death.  With him not there to hold my hand I was once again being thrust into yet another phase of life, this time on my own.
I am at present working with an organisation called Inspire Futures as a Community advice worker. Inspire Futures has given me over the last four months strength support hope and inspiration to look forward and help me build my dreams.  One of these dreams is to counsel and help families with `cultural ‘family issues. To mend not break families.  Basically  to say life is too short ,to live and let live. To act as an advocate and to try to sort out their issues whilst trying not to take drastic steps like separating families. To say there’s always a nicer resolution to the problem ,to try to put a smile on somebody’s face. Sounds impossible, but I want to help and with God’s help am going to try once again Inspire Futures are here for me .
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