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Benefits of Volunteering
How Do I Become a Volunteer?
Who can Volunteer?
Volunteering Opportunities

Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteering for us provides you with a unique opportunity to gain experience of working with and supporting the work of a leading Muslim women's national organisation

  • You will help us make a difference
  • You build your skills, knowledge and experience, which you can add to your CV
  • You can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have helped
  • You could build up your own networks

How Do I Become a Volunteer?
If you would like to volunteer for us, then please get in touch on 0121 236 900 or email us at  Also please tell us which city you are from, provide your contact details, what you would like to do and some background about yourself such any particular skills or experience that you may have, which you wish to utilize.   There is no minimum time commitment, just help us as much as you are able to.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 16 years can volunteer remotely from where you are based or by coming into our offices.  You can be male or female from any background including from any faith.  We appreciate any and all the support we can get!  However, we do expect volunteers to respect the values and ethos of Muslim Women's Network UK.  Our membership is diverse and includes: Muslim women and women of other faiths; male women's rights champions; members from across the religious spectrum and from different sects; LGBT members; and members from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Volunteering Opportunities

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some ideas how you can help us.

1. Raise Awareness of MWNUK - Activities to promote MWNUK can include:

  • Following us on Twitter and retweeting our Tweets
  • Joining our Facebook Groups - Muslim Women's Network UK Group and MWNUK Member and posting / sharing relevant topic on there
  • Identifying organisations that could be interested in adding a link to our website and asking them to do so.

2.Fund Raising- Muslim Women's Network UK is under resourced and we constantly need to raise funds.  You could raise funds for core costs to keep us running or for specific projects.  For example, we want to set up a national helpline that includes specializing in dealing in sexual violence enquiries from Muslim girls and women.  You could:

  • Hold an event
  • Carry out a sponsored activity
  • Ask family, friends, and networks for donations or ask them to sign up to a direct debit of £2, £5 or £10 month
  • Ask businesses to donate and any business donating £500 will be listed as a partner on the MWNUK home page with a banner and a link to their websiteand mentioned in our newsletter

3.Increasing Our Membership - We want to constantly increase our membership so we are able to cascade useful information to more women.  You can therefore encourage people to register and become members.  Tell them about our organisation and send them a link to our registeration page:

4.Setting up a local Muslim Women�s Network - We can to build our membership in different town and cities.  If you don't have an organisation and want to set up a local network so it becomes a way of contacting and connecting women, then you can help us set one up.  We can provide you with a web page that has the name of your local network and your contact details.  You can then build up a local network that you can run voluntarily but is also connected to Muslim Women's Network UK. On the other hand you may already have a local group without a website presence but want to increase your reach.  If you contact us we can support you with a web page and a way of registering members while also building up our membership.

5.Campaigning and Sharing Information- We want to campaign on a number of issues.  This includes raising awareness of: where to get help; how bad the problem is through statistics; sharing case studies; myth busting; warning signs; risks; how to take precautions etc. The techniques that you can use can be range from utilizing social media, creating online posters, running workshops, holding events, writing about the issue, using images, creating a slideshow orYoutube video even using your mobile phone!  So if you are interested in doing any of these activities, for example, it could be useful for your final university project - then come and help us.

6.Identifying Stories - On the 'My Story' section of our website, we want women to share their personal stories.  The story could be about may a particular experience or problem they endured and how they came through it. Or the story could be how they have successfully set up a project. The idea of the 'My Story' section is to inspire others or to help others to get through a difficult phase in their life.  You could either contribute to this section yourself or identify other people who have a story to share.  You can ask them to write it themselves or help them write it up.

7.Writing Blogs - This can be your opportunity to get your voice heard. You can write about issues relevant to the lives of women and we will put it on our website, feature it on the home page and add a link to it in our newsletter.   Blogs will need to be approved by MWNUK staff. Anyone can blog, however, we are keen to hear youth voices and here your perspective on issues.  You may want to contribute a 'one off' personal story to share your experiences with others that can be added to the 'My Story' section of our website.

8.Sharing Your Skills - We are always looking for people with particular skills who can help us.  For example, you may be a photographer, good at filming, editing films, building software, etc. You can help by doing 'pro bono' work for us. This could include doing some photography for a slideshow; making a short campaign film, editing a film recording.  These are just ideas - please let us know of any skills you have you think we could benefit from.

9.Identifying Events for our Website- Events that we think Muslim women may be interested in, are added to the website. You could help us identify events that are talking place around the country and add them via our website.

10.Building up our Online Directory - We are building up an online searchable directory so people can use it to find out about help, support and services available to them on different issues.  The directory lists mainstream, specialist services aime at BME / Asian / Muslim women and also niche services that specialize in certain issues only.  You can help by checking what we have added so far and then identifying similar types of services in your town, city or region and then sending us the information on an excel sheet or in a table in Word. We can then add this information to our website.  You may choose to also cover other areas in addition to your own.

11.Research issues - To be able to make a difference through influencing policy at a national level or by trying to change community attitudes, we need to inform our thinking by being knowledgeable on the issues.  Although we try and carry out our own research and consultations, we do not have the resources to explore everything we want to.  You can therefore help us by researching for us.  For example you could help us collect case studies on the following issues: polygamy, forced marriage, experiences of shariah councils, consequences of not having a civil ceremony, female genital mutilation, discrimination, child sexual abuse etc.  This is not an exhaustive list and you may have your own idea about what you would like to highlight.

12.Recruiting Male Women's Rights Champions - It is really important that we also engage with men too, especially Muslim men.  Although members of Muslim Women's Network UK are women only, we do also register 'Male women's rights champions.'  By registering with us, we can send them our newsletters but also seek their views on particular issues from time to time that can inform our work and provide us with useful insights.  So you could encourage men who are interested in women's rights here to register here:

13.Professional Expertise - You may be a professional in a certain sector e.g. finance, health, legal, education etc.

  • You could provide 'one off' free training that we could help you organize aimed at Muslim women.
  • You may wish to provide free online advice to Muslim women via our website
  • You may wish to write a fact sheet on a specific issue that we could add to our website that can be downloaded by others

14.Use of Facilities - You may have meetings or training rooms, and you
could allow us to use them for free from time to time.

15.YourOwn ideas -You may have your own ideas of how you can help us!

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